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Co-creating connections and innovation through advanced technology. On a global scale, Léon Evers is participating in (inter)national projects that contribute to diversity and sustainability.

Einstein Telescope

Advanced gravitational-wave observatory

The Einstein Telescope is an advanced gravitational-wave observatory, currently in the planning stage. The border region between the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany is being considered as a possible location. This is because of its tranquility, stable ground and strong ecosystem of scientific institutions and high-tech companies.

Environmental Law

Regional Implementation Coach

The environmental law is, apart from the Constitution, the largest legal change in the last hundred years, in the Netherlands. It focusses on the life environment of people and businesses and has a large impact on how we can digitally request our spatial permits and check whether we have applied for the correct ones.

Dike Monitoring Systems

Advanced satellite Geo-sensing

In our approach, dike surveillance, enforcement of illegal changes in habitation and land cultivation, must be tackled efficiently. Auracle Netherlands performs through a disruptive and technologically highly advanced satellite geo-sensing approach. It is a holistic and integrated approach having a solution to high water problems and the ultimate possibility for monitoring >18.000 kilometers of Dutch dikes and elsewhere in Europe.

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