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Tackling climate change

Auracle Netherlands BV will tackle the problems we face in the light of major climate change. And the way in which land and water movements change quickly as a result, with major consequences for the safety of Dutch and other European residents. In our approach, dike surveillance, enforcement of illegal changes in habitation and land cultivation, must be tackled efficiently. This, through an efficient system via satellite geo sensing 24/7 big data processing for large areas, provides an all-round, iterative, and blending of multiple methods. This, instead of the existing innumerable stakeholders who do not work together and purposefully on an unambiguous solution.

Leading-edge technology

Auracle Netherlands performs through a disruptive and technologically highly advanced satellite geo-sensing approach. Detect new subsurface water sources and monitor existing ones. The patented 3MUD™ System adds critical subsurface and underwater information to identify and monitor geohazards. We work to revolutionize how global governments, pipeline, mining, and engineering companies visualize the Earth.

We peel away land cover to penetrate ice, soils, water, and overburden to reveal surface and subsurface geospatial information to explore deeper and protect critical infrastructure. Our aim is to help companies go beyond regulatory compliance, get approvals faster and install confidence in the public that this leading-edge technology gives early warning to address problems that threaten the environment.

Satellite geo-sending, big data modelling and processing

The aim of Auracle Netherlands is to arrive at a (multi)national, holistic approach to land and water monitoring. This is done by (commercial) use of satellite geo-sensing and big data modelling and processing. In close collaboration with geo-experts from Auracle Geospatial Science, Inc., Vancouver, BC, Canada, this is achieved in a disruptive manner, nevertheless in a very simple way. By setting up an accessible and easily accessible dashboard on a PC or laptop where land and water movements are visible 24/7, by building up the application of historic datasets and using existing datasets and combining them into a whole, an enforcement system that makes visual monitoring or surveillance on-site much less necessary.

Furthermore, by identifying important changes underwater and underground, makes it possible to identify landslides near dikes, flood defenses, but also under sheet piling and even during earthquakes, and to take preventive action. All of this makes significant cost savings possible, investigates in a much faster and decisive way how to guarantee safety in the social-spatial domain, create new high-tech jobs for stakeholders (water boards, ministries, universities, consultancies) and is widely applicable in many other areas.

Our advanced technology

Learn more about our collaboration with experts from Auracle Geospatial Science, Inc. Canada and our advanced technology methods.

Our projects

Co-creating connections and innovation through advanced technology. On a global scale, Léon Evers is participating in (inter)national projects that contribute to diversity and sustainability.

Einstein Telescope

Advanced gravitational-wave observatory

Environmental Law

Regional Implementation Coach

Dike Monitoring Systems

Advanced satellite Geo-sensing

Léon Evers

A visionary mind

A visionary company calls for a visionary mind. Léon Evers functions as Managing Director of Auracle Netherlands. An experienced entrepreneur and business developer in the sectors Government, Trade & Industry and Business Services. A good long-lasting acumen on interim and consultancy assignments, based upon an integrative approach of being both corporate anthropologist and management scientist.

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