Environmental Law

Life environment of people and businesses

The environmental law is, apart from the Constitution, the largest legal change in the last hundred years, in the Netherlands. It focusses on the life environment of people and businesses and has a large impact on how we can digitally request our permits and check whether we have applied for the correct ones. Nationwide, there are 12 RIO’s, so-called regional implementation coaches active.

A RIO supports municipal authorities and their official chain partners in the implementation of the Environment and Planning Act. Nationally, there are 12 RIOs, each of which is active in several regions. Léon Evers is reponsible for Southern Holland, which consists of the Haaglanden and Rotterdam Rijnmond regions.

Connecting parties

RIOs are the fixed point of contact for the chain partners in a region on all matters concerning the implementation of the Environment Act. These chain partners are municipalities, provinces, Municipal Health Services (GGDs), safety regions, environmental services, and water boards. The RIOs form the connecting link between these regional parties. Nationally, they work together with, among others, the Association of Dutch Municipalities, the Interprovincial Consultation, the Union of Water Boards and (experts from) the Getting Started with the Environment Act program.

Take Necessary Steps

For each organisation, the RIOs and the experts off that organisation make an overview of what helps that organisation to take the necessary steps. In addition, they continue to encourage the chain partners to test the Digital System Environment Act (DSO) and to practice with, among other things, the environmental plan, and the permitting process.

The Environment Desk should work when the Environment Act comes into effect on January 1st, 2023. The Environment Desk makes it easier for citizens and businesses to apply for permits. It will be easier for governments to grant permits, monitor and enforce the rules. In the meantime, a great deal of knowledge has been built up in the regions and the municipalities. It is important that this knowledge is not lost once the Environment and Planning Act is in place.

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