Dike Monitoring Systems

Advanced Satellite Geo-sensing

Auracle Netherlands will tackle the problems we face in the light of major climate change. And the way in which land and water movements change quickly as a result, with major consequences for the safety of Dutch and other residents. In our approach, dike surveillance, enforcement of illegal changes in habitation and land cultivation, must be tackled efficiently. This, through an efficient system via satellite geo sensing 24/7 big data processing for large areas, provides an all-round and blending of multiple methods.

This, instead of the existing innumerable stakeholders who do not work together and purposefully on an unambiguous solution. Auracle Netherlands performs through a disruptive and technologically highly advanced satellite geo-sensing approach. It is a holistic approach having a solution to high water problems and the ultimate possibility for monitoring 18.000 kilometers of Dutch dikes and elsewhere in Europe.

Geospatial Techniques

Dike monitoring is shaped in the last few years by using more and more techniques like remote sensing, big data interpretation and an array of geospatial techniques. As such, Auracle provides the necessary solutions. Replace outdated ground surveying methods with Auracle’s 3D MUD™ System. Case studies shows how the MUD™ System adds critical spatial data layers of subsurface and underwater information to identify and monitor land subsidence.

Our ongoing connections

Auracle Netherlands has an ongoing contact with several companies and organisations such as STOWA, Deltares, Digishape, the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management (I&A), and waterschap Limburg.

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